Expectations for Ourselves

Ambition for our Students

Al Salam Core Competencies (ASCC)

The core competencies is a framework of expectations for all staff members and students which embodies the mission, culture and values of the Al Salam.

They represent the behaviours, attitudes habits and mindsets we strive to instill and develop among all stakeholders as a reflection of, and support for our ambition and promises.

The competencies are organised around key themes of Aspiration, Agency, Agility and Altitude. We elaborate on each of these competencies below and how expectations are shaped for colleagues and students

What is the purpose of 'ASCC'

  • To provide a shared language for development across the whole organisation, students and staff

  • To help orient feedback on performance, capability, development and contribution

  • To establish, communicate and clarify desirable behaviors and dispositions which align with our culture and strategy

  • To provide a reference for self evaluation, identification of priorities and as a basis for discussion and performance conversations

  • Provide basis for internal training and development for alignment across the organisation

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