Mission and Educational Purpose

Our Mission is:

'To Develop the potential of every child and inspire responsibility through knowledge within an environment that builds character and provides opportunity, challenge and support.

Educational Purpose

Al Salam aims to create inspiring learning environments which are driven by discovery, equipped for change and renown for excellence’. Our aspiration for graduates is to be ambitious, well-rounded individuals who are firmly grounded in future-ready skills, moral values and social responsibility.

Our Al Salam schools seek to provide an experience that extends beyond 'Schooling'. This means that the educational experience will be one that enriches both hearts and minds of our children. Their journey with us is one which will enable them to recognise responsibility through knowledge.

Al Salam helps to develop students to become

The Future through our Children

Children at Al Salam will be encouraged to appreciate abundance, cooperation and synergy, and be inspired to flourish as agents of change who, guided by faith and a sense of purpose, create a better future for our world.

Their experience at Al Salam will enable our young learners:

  • to see opportunity in the world and to treat failure as a step in the journey towards success

  • to internalise their responsibility and capacity as inheritors of the present and future of this world

  • to discern truth for what it is and to have the drive to pursue it, and to discern falsehood for what it is and to have the courage to challenge it.

Our aim is for our students to graduate with the qualifications, connections, values and motives to be successful contributors to a brighter future.