Our People Strategy

We are super passionate about growing and developing people at Al Salam!

It begins with culture, where we are very intentional about creating an environment that both inspires and supports a sense of commitment and responsibility in all members of our team. We are proud that over the last 3 years, more than 50% of our colleagues have grown into leadership positions and been provided with support in courses and training to ensure they are achieving success. 

We are also very passionate about wellbeing and promoting a culture where all members feel valued for their contributions. While we do this through traditional approaches by leaders and committees, we believe that the greatest impact comes from a climate of peer recognition which we crowd source and broadcast school wide!

Because we believe that Al Salam develops only through the collective effort and brilliance of everyone at the school, we strive to listen, understand as well as problem solve together. This starts from the very top with our Governors through to school leadership and our HR team. 

People Experience:

Great teachers' experience leads to great students' experience! By establishing our wellbeing committees across Al Salam Group, we were able to co-create exceptional experiences with and for our team members and enhance our ways of working. The committee members are passionate about connecting people, inspiring a sense of belonging, and promoting a happier workplace.

Recognition and reward

Your Growth Journey at Al Salam

Setting your path

Upon joining, our HR team will set out 1-2 sessions designed to design and map out your career path. This will include reviewing our competency framework which describes the attitudes, skills and habits expected of our team members at different levels of the organisation. Our HR team will advise you on how to pursue your ambition and how the school will support this journey

Supporting your development

At Al Salam, we aim to create ample opportunities for team members to take responsibility and use their initiative to create new value in the school. Taking advantage of these opportunities is the best way to exercise and display higher levels of our core competencies and growing through experience.

We are proud of our commitment to investing in our people. 1:1 time with line managers is purposeful and designed to challenge your growth to its fullest potential. Supporting the pursuit of additional qualifications such as the NPQ is also a consistent practice at our Schools.