Al Salam Promises

Our promises to our community are:

  • Uncompromised commitment to the wellbeing and positive educational experience of all children.

  • Delivery of a programme of learning that is rigorous in promoting the development of knowledge, character and real world skills.

  • Challenge and inspiration to all children for them to be ambitious, determined and intentional learners.

  • A school atmosphere where all students feel cared for and where each is provided with an environment that facilitates their success and recognises and develops their talents.

  • A policy of open communication and sincere, meaningful participation with parents to ensure that the learning and progress of their children is maximised.

  • An environment that helps develop the Islamic identity of Muslim children and consciously connects all children with the moral and sacred purpose behind learning and achievement.

  • A climate of cultural awareness and respect that helps ground children in a sense of tradition together with a commitment to developing a brighter future.

  • Promotion of a sense of responsibility for service to humanity through both knowledge and action

  • Commitment to instilling a sound ethical and moral compass rooted in empathy towards others.