'Where Every Child is Special'

Our Vision and Values

Our Guiding principle at Al Salam is

‘Where Every Child is Special’

and this underpins Our Vision:

'To create inspiring learning communities which are driven by discovery, equipped for change and renown for excellence'

We strive for transformational learning

  • Deep learning, which develops not only student's knowledge but also develops their perspective and worldview which leads to the refinement of their behaviour and character

  • Learning which inspires a sense of motivation and excitement to go further and deeper in understanding and application of their knowledge and skills

  • A disposition towards learning where 'sense making', 'understanding complexity' and 'interconnectedness' are central to the learning experience

We want to shape remarkable human beings.

  • whose strengths and special attributes are actively nurtured into unique ‘superpowers’

  • Who embody Islamic values by being conscious of God; their responsibilities to Him, themselves and their community

  • whose learning and positive character traits are put to the service of others

  • who recognise that learning is a sacred and spiritual endevour, and thereby adopt a powerful personal mission to contribute to something bigger than themselves

Al Salam Core Values

When we recruit staff and leaders to the schools, we look into their experience, qualifications and skills. We talk about their past work and what drives them. In return, we present a summary of the values that we try to embed in the staff team in Al Salam schools. These values, below, help us as we work together to create the best environment and culture where our students, colleagues and stakeholders can flourish.

Put our Children first

This value reminds us of our core purpose, where our work is a sacred and moral responsibility, accountability and opportunity

  • We each strive to make a unique and impactful contribution to Al Salam being the place “where every child is special”.

  • Our responsibility does not end with learning, we build Character and Moral Purpose.

  • Make Smiles happen! We seize opportunities to uplift our children’s spirits because their wellbeing is our priority.

  • Our impact is stronger with parents and community on our side, so we create synergy which unleashes the potential of our learners.

Make Al Salam home

This value ensures we always look to build and expand on what has made Al Salam successful: the Trust between us and our shared sense of belonging

  • Make it personal and put our hearts into all our endeavours, that is what makes Al Salam special.

  • Create belonging, Al Salam is a second home to staff, students and parents.

  • Resources are shared, so we must behave responsibly toward them.

  • Be humble, warm and welcoming, because that is what turns visitors into future family.

Every day is a school day

This value keeps us focused on our ambition as learners and as leaders of learning

  • Commit to curiosity. Celebrate and facilitate discovery every day. Speak to each other about what we are seeing and learning. Take part in the school of life.

  • Get out of your comfort zone, take risks and experiment so that we push our boundaries and help make a difference.

  • Take responsibility for our actions, champion positive accountability in ourselves and in those we lead.