'Where Every Child is Special'

Our Vision and Values

Our Guiding principle at Al Salam is

‘Where Every Child is Special’

and this underpins Our Vision: 

'To create inspiring learning communities which are driven by discovery, equipped for change and renown for excellence'

We strive for transformational learning

We want to shape remarkable human beings. 

Al Salam Core Values

When we recruit staff and leaders to the schools, we look into their experience, qualifications and skills. We talk about their past work and what drives them. In return, we present a summary of the values that we try to embed in the staff team in Al Salam schools. These values, below, help us as we work together to create the best environment and culture where our students, colleagues and stakeholders can flourish.

Put our Children first

This value reminds us of our core purpose, where our work is a sacred and moral responsibility, accountability and opportunity

Make Al Salam home

This value ensures we always look to build and expand on what has made Al Salam successful: the Trust between us and our shared sense of belonging

Every day is a school day

This value keeps us focused on our ambition as learners and as leaders of learning